Paraguay has a high richness in fauna and flora. Along the Paraguay River are subtropical wetlands, and in the north part of the Oriental Region are subtropical savannas of the Cerrado, while in the east up to the River Parana, is the Atlantic Forest, and in the south plains with a temperate climate can be found.



Green forests, lakes, waterfalls, rivers and streams, and impressive hills characterize the country. The national tree is the lapacho, also known as tajy in the Guaraní language.

The Paraguayan Chaco, located in the Occidental region, in the richest in natural beauties: animals such as tagua, the yaguarete and the puma, also the reptiles and the birds, are some of the representatives of the Paraguayan fauna.


The variety of native fauna and flora is reflected in the 167 mammals, 701 birds, 100 reptiles, 46 amphibians, 230 fishes, 100,000 species of invertebrates, 13.000 species of vascular plants, 298 genre of trees and shrubbery, distributed in 767 species.