About Us

In Blue Music we are dedicated to promoting the culture of Paraguay, through its diverse artistic manifestations: music, literature, crafts.

We offer handicrafts of functional and/or ornamental use, traditionally made of leather, wood, ceramics and filigree, as well as textiles typical of Paraguay. Each of the articles is made by Paraguayan artisans, with unique styles, according to the techniques passed down through generations.

Our customers also can find books by Paraguayan authors and a wide range of Paraguayan folk music played by the best artists of Paraguay in digital format.

We work in partnership with Blue Caps, a company that supports us with a trajectory of more than 30 years in music production and recording of Paraguay music.

Address: Palma nearly 938 Montevideo Asuncion, Paraguay
Phone: +595 981 566030
Email: StaffA@fromparaguay.com